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Welcome to Tasty Hasty Chocolate

Please take note: We're not offering chocolate. Instead, we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new deck of playing cards, designed to resemble a delectable chocolate bar. Hidden within one lucky person's deck lies an extraordinary surprise – a FREE MAGIC SHOW! Could you be the fortunate individual to uncover this enchanting experience?

Introducing the Tasty Hasty Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Deck – a mesmerizing fusion of elegance, magic, and “deckdence” crafted by the renowned magician duo, Kaileigh and Chase Hasty. This limited edition deck of playing cards is a testament to the Hasty's passion for enchantment and their refined taste.

Housed in a box reminiscent of a swanky candy bar wrapper from a bygone era, the Tasty Hasty Chocolate Deck invites you into a world where upscale sophistication meets the charm of a boutique candy shop. The exterior exudes luxury, setting the stage for the treasures within.

Each playing card is a work of art, capturing the essence of a delicious dark chocolate bar on the back. Printed on 310 GSM German Blackmore Paper with an oil based cardistry finish, these cards are a tactile delight, ensuring a smooth handling experience with every shuffle and flourish.

The Hasty Touch, a signature detail by Kaileigh and Chase Hasty, graces the back of each card with gold foil, adding an extra layer of opulence to your every move. Only 1000 decks of the Tasty Hasty Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Deck have been meticulously crafted, making each deck a rare and coveted collector's item.

As an added experience, only 100 of these decks feature gold gilded edges, a stunning detail that immediately catches the eye. But the magic doesn't end there – 99 of the gold gilded decks contain a mystery prize worth more than the playing cards themselves. This leaves 1 gold gilded deck left and we’re excited to say that 1 lucky recipient will discover the elusive golden rabbit prize card, a ticket to an extraordinary experience.

Should you be the one to unveil the golden rabbit prize card, Kaileigh and Chase Hasty will bring their enchanting magic show to the event and location of your choosing within the United States of America. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity transforms your ordinary moments into a magical spectacle, an intimate performance by the talented duo.

Indulge in the extraordinary with the Tasty Hasty Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Deck – a testament to the Hasty's commitment to magic, luxury, and the joy of the unexpected. Immerse yourself in the world of wonder, where every shuffle, cut, and reveal is a celebration of the magical artistry embodied in each card. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of enchantment – only 1000 decks exist, and the golden rabbit awaits its fortunate discoverer.


---1000 DECKS CRAFTED---



Thank You

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